IELTS Training (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS Training – IELTS is a test that evaluates your level of proficiency at the English language. It is similar to tests such as TOEFL and is generally taken by prospective students who plan to study abroad in countries that predominantly speak English. It is also a mandatory part of the immigration process for certain countries such as Canada and Australia.

The IELTS is generally divided into types the Academic and general tests

1.The IELTS academic is specially made for students who intend to take up an under graduation or post-graduation program in any English speaking nation.

2.The IELTS general is taken by potential immigrants who aspire to migrate to English speaking countries

Features of IELTS
  • There is no minimum passing marks for the test. However each university will have their required score for the test.

  • The IELTS is used for determining eligibility for admission and scholarship.

  • You will be assessed for your English language skills at listening, reading and writing

  • The total time for taking the test is around four and a half hours including the time for checking in?

  • A break of 10 minutes will be given to students after they complete the Reading and Listening Sections of IELTS